10 down; 3 to go

The best approach to life!

My beloved Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets have won their tenth game today (10-1) over Duke!  They have clenched the ACC Coastal Division and will play in the ACC Championship in Tampa after they play UGA.  There is a lot of football yet to be played but this has happened in large part because we have probably the best head coach (or at least one of them) in all of College Football.

I love his objectivist philosophy (for more info on what that means – OBJECTIVISM).  I read an article by Mark Bradley that attached this image…

The guy goes for fourth downs all the time.  He never seems to let up on the opponents that Georgia Tech plays and he is always seeking to press his players to be better, better, better.

The young men on the flats of Georgia Tech are indeed good and talented but they have had their setbacks and low-spots from game to game.  But Coach Paul Johnson never lets up and never lets anyone get too satisfied with their performances.  THAT is inspiring!  There is something profound about not being satisfied with where you are.  There is something beautiful about always seeking to be more.  There is truly something special about “going for it” with fearlessness and faith that you can do it!

Scripturally speaking, Peter stepped out and walked on water (I believe in large part because he not only believed in Jesus as Christ but also because he believed in his ability to do anything through Christ).  Before that ever happened, countless characters did whatever it took and did so faithfully (but also faith-filled)…Abraham went to that place that God was going to show him…Moses held his staff with confidence for YHWH many times…the prophets of the OT declared God’s desires and did so at risk of reputation and life.

Certainly this coach of my alma mater should be properly placed in this comparison.  He is just a coach of 50 or so students under the age of 24.  But, his confidence is stirring and contagious about a person that believes in the team, in the cause and in himself.  “Go For It” is always the right call when those three conditions are truly met.  I believe in the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit).  I believe in God’s commandment and cause (To Love God and Neighbor…and to make disciples…).  Subsequently, I am beginning to believe in myself through Jesus Christ!

Go for it, says our God!  Go for it! (and, BTW, Go Jackets!)

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