Invitation Accepted

we are constantly being offered participation in this thing...

What motivates ministry?  When are our ideas and prayer and hopes and dreams for the next 50 years onward of Faith expression God’s?  How are we offering sustainability?

In the course of time, these ideas and dreams evolve, yes, evolve into more perfected hopes and dreams because…WELL…once these dreams are attained (or not attained) WE EITHER FIND OUT THAT WE FOUND A BETTER INVITATION OR WE MINDLESSLY PERSUE THOSE THINGS THAT PLEASE THE SHORT-TERM.  Translation:  What are we being invited to become?

Is it enough to serve self?  Is it okay to focus upon the insignificant tasks of the day?  OR is it more important to answer a much longer-termed invitation?

When did things become so literal?  How have we become so settled in our mundanity?  Its just terrible!  Its unacceptable to satisfy one’s self with mediocrity of life.  To strive for possession and posture is bland!  Titles are weak and dignity is overrated!  Smelling good is fake!  Looking good is impossible.  Behaving well is just plane foolhearty and being nice is perhaps the most undignified means of living a life without integrity!

When there is so many amazing reasons to give God the Glory that He deserves, there is no more time to play.  A sustained Faith must be lived day by day.  Surrendering the garbage of the world is paramount!  If we are to act as “becoming”…or “kingdom-ing” folk (which is the truly the translation of “Thy Kingdom Come,” then we must accept the invitation to enter the realm of authentic.  Are we ready to RSVP?

Published by

David A. Wofford

Serving Christ, proclaiming Resurrection, renouncing Evil.

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