Invitation Accepted

we are constantly being offered participation in this thing...

What motivates ministry?  When are our ideas and prayer and hopes and dreams for the next 50 years onward of Faith expression God’s?  How are we offering sustainability?

In the course of time, these ideas and dreams evolve, yes, evolve into more perfected hopes and dreams because…WELL…once these dreams are attained (or not attained) WE EITHER FIND OUT THAT WE FOUND A BETTER INVITATION OR WE MINDLESSLY PERSUE THOSE THINGS THAT PLEASE THE SHORT-TERM.  Translation:  What are we being invited to become?

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10 down; 3 to go

The best approach to life!

My beloved Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets have won their tenth game today (10-1) over Duke!  They have clenched the ACC Coastal Division and will play in the ACC Championship in Tampa after they play UGA.  There is a lot of football yet to be played but this has happened in large part because we have probably the best head coach (or at least one of them) in all of College Football.

I love his objectivist philosophy (for more info on what that means – OBJECTIVISM).  I read an article by Mark Bradley that attached this image…

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Clearing the mind…

Saturday mornings - relaxing in the living room
Saturday mornings - relaxing in the living room

…Saturdays are good for things like sharing a treasured cup of coffee with my wife, lounging with our beloved dog, hitting the gym at a leisured pace, and watching my dear Yellow Jackets on television.  The simpler yet finer things in life are the most profound.  I love my days off because they not only allow me to recognize what matters but they also allow me to appreciate that I don’t need to strive toward those things that do NOT matter.

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defining proclamation amid the shifting paradigm

Throughout the history of the faith of Christ, preaching the sermon has been central to our understanding of the modus operandi of Christ, His bride (the Church) and how we interact in the world.  This morning as I was reading through the various tweets (on my Twitter page) I saw that The Methodist Thinker had tweeted a link to a Christianity Today article on preaching entitled “A Vertical Discipline.

J.Wesley's preaching was just one part of his ministry
J.Wesley's preaching was just one part of his ministry

An aside:  Though my thoughts are not founded, I wonder greatly if there is a serious disconnect between how we view our faith and how we emphasize a vertical form of homiletical expression of our faith (again, I don’t know if I’m simply misplacing my thoughts or if I’m properly addressing a systemic disconnect OR if I’m simply placing my on sordid thoughts upon this topic…but perhaps there is some discussion to be had). Continue reading defining proclamation amid the shifting paradigm

A Newer Beginning…

hello from Atlanta...
hello from Atlanta...

The wheels are spinning and they’re in motion.  I have so much to be grateful for that I can’t even truly place them in to words!  My life could hardly be better!  God, you really DO know what’s best for me!  You weren’t kidding were you!?!

I’ll keep this one short.  Certainly there will be many (hopefully fresh) ideas and thoughts to place here the days ahead.  I have to admit, I do have that same feeling that I had when I realized I was able to wire my own car stereo together for installation (translation: I am glad to be at  Though it is certainly not an event to speak of too pridefully, I do pray that this newer version of the old blog will offer itself as praise to God and as an offering of my life to his purposes more potently…more surely…more clearly.

The journey began long ago…and yet there is so much more to experience.  I pray that this site be for the Glory of God!